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Will my premiums go up if I file a claim?

The state of Utah has passed strong legislation the prohibits insurance carriers to raise your premiums/rates due to a claim.  The only possibility is that your insurance company does have the right to drop your policy if you file too many claims, this is usually three or more claims per year. The state of Utah has also passed laws that prevent insurance companies from using previously filed claims in determining premium prices on new policies. Thank your legislators they actually passed some good laws to protect the consumers in Utah.

What if I can’t afford my deductible?

I get asked this a lot. When filing a claim you do not have to pay a deductible to the insurance company. They will deduct the deductible out of your settlement check. You do owe your deductible to your contractor once the work is complete. They will usually let you make payments on the deductible or you can do some of the work yourself to work off that deductible.

Will my insurance company drop my policy?

This rarely happens with major carriers. Claims settlement is part of doing business for them. If they dropped every client because of a claim they would be out of business very quickly.

Won’t my insurance company pay what is fair?

It’s all in the numbers. In the year 2000 the industry average was 70% of premiums were paid out in claims settlement. Today due to corporate greed and the insurance companies only worried about their bottom lines. The average is a pitiful 46% of premiums is paid out to consumers. The only way to accomplish this to cut corners and not properly indemnify (make financially whole) their policyholders (you) as they are contractually obligated to.  They make more money when they pay you less.

How can they get away with that?

Simple, their employees only do what they are told.  Most policyholders don’t understand contract law and don’t understand what their policies say. In short, they get what they get and they don’t throw a fit. That is where we help, we know the laws, we understand your policy and, unlike your well-intentioned contractor, we understand your police and we can legally negotiate your claim settlement.

What if I can’t afford your services

You will never write us a check. If we can’t help you, you pay us nothing. If we can help you, we will deduct our small fee from the settlement check. It can’t get better than that! We are your advocates, we fight for you!