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99% of all insurance claims are underpaid in Provo Utah!

Public/ Independant adjuster Provo Utah

That is the sad truth of it. You have paid your premiums on time every month they promised you were in good hands. That they would be a good neighbor and help you when you were a time of need. The fact of the matter is that they were not really on your side when it came time for you to collect on that promise.

When you filed your claim they sent out an adjuster who said he could not see the damage, even when he was staring right at it. He said he would put a report together and get back with you in a few weeks. What does he expect you to do in the mean time?

When his report arrives is says you damage is below your deductible and that they did not owe you any money.

A few weeks later your roof starts leaking and you ceiling caves in and you have mold is spreading and you can see clear blue sky in your bedroom!

Lying in bed looking at the sky you wonder what happened? Why did they not keep their promise? Where are we going to get the money to fix this?

Unfortunately we hear this story more often then we should. The fact of the matter is that 99% of all insurance claims are under paid.

The insurance companies don't tell you they are going to fight you on every penny that they pay out. They hire adjusters, engineers and attorney to minimize their losses and they make it almost impossible for you to get money out of them. This is why Utah Public Adjusters was founded, and we are proud to serve the families in Provo Utah, and the rest of the state. We are in your corner, we are your adjuster, and your experts that build your case and prove your loss. So that you can re-claim your money from the insurance company, and put your life back together.

It is your money, you kept your promise, now it is time for them to keep their promise too.