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Claim Review

99% of all insurance claims are underpaid. We offer a free claim review to help you determine if your claim was properly settled. Most estimates from the insurance company are incomplete, have missed damages, and ignored or overlooked codes. We often double the amount that was initially offered by your insurance company.  We have dedicated adjusters to review you claim today!

Property Inspection

The insurance company does not look for damages when they inspect your property. They only document what is visible and pointed out. We offer a free 52-point inspection. This includes imaging with infrared cameras and moisture meter testing to determine if there are unseen damages. We inspect the entire home from roof to foundation. This ensures that all of your claim related damages are included in the claim.


We put together comprehensive itemized estimates for your damages. We include all of the local and state laws as well as the applicable buildings codes and manufacturer specifications for various products. Our estimates are irrefutable because they are reasonable and justifiable in every possible way. We only want what is reasonable and fair to indemnify you of your financial loss.

Public Adjusting

After reviewing your claim and your policy, preforming a complete detailed inspection, writing a comprehensive estimate, and compiling all of the necessary documents to prove your claim, we will meet with your insurance company. We address the missing damages and any additional coverage and present our supplementary estimates for payment. If you insurance company is reasonable, fair, and interested in following the law, we will come to an amicable claim settlement.


Not all insurance companies are interested in taking care of their customers or following the law, for that matter. In these situations we utilize a clause within your policy known as Appraisal. This is similar to arbitration in the legal system but is settled outside of court. In this situation, two disinterested appraisers will be appointed to represent each party (you and the insurance company) to determine the value of your loss. This is similar to a real estate appraiser who determines the value of a property. Once the appraisers agree on a price, the insurance company is bound to the settlement.


In some cases, court is the best option to settle disputes with the insurance company. This is when coverage is not provided when legitimate damages are owed. We work with some of the best firms in the country (in our opinion), that specialize in property claim law.

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