What do plumbers and Adjusters have in common? A crappy situation

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When your toilet overflows or your sewer backs up the first person you call is probably not your adjuster. That’s ok I am not offended. I would call a plumber too. The crap you are dealing with now is more important than the crap we will deal with handling your insurance company. haha. But the truth of the matter is that your very next call should be to your adjuster. You are going to to help getting the right people to clean up literally and figuratively the crap storm that you are in. You could say we help you out of crappy situation. We handle the insurance claim with the insurance company to get approvals for emergency cleanup, and temporary housing so you are not swimming in poop anymore. We then prepare the estimates and negotiate with the insurance company so they understand you live in a mansion in Park City, Utah and not some shack made from palm leaves and duck tape. The last thing you wants is to be screwed over when you were promised they would take care of you when you need it most. Your families future depends on them keeping their end of the deal. You would not go to court without representation nor should you file an insurance claim without some help in your corner. Call us today to set up a free consultation we will send one of our rock star adjusters out immediately to asses your situation and deal with your insurance claims for your plumbing, fire, or weather related claims

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