What is an insurance claim?

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What is an insurance claim?

Utah Public Adjusters

What is an insurance claim?

While this question may seem obvious to many people, I assure you it is far more complicated than you would expect.  We, at Utah Public Adjusters, believe that understanding policy and claims process is the key to a successful claim settlement. While many of you are not going to enjoy this post due to the length and complexity of the subject, it is good information with sound resources.

To understand the claims process in Utah as well as other states we must understand what a policy is. We will just cover this briefly in this post but will be adding another post shortly to further explain what a policy is. According to the AICPCU an insurance policy is a contract of indemnity. This means that for your premium dollars paid to your insurer for this policy they are legally and contractually obligated to make you financially whole in the event of damages related to a covered peril (ie: Wind, Hail, Fire, Water, etc.  This is also clearly written in your insurance policy as well.

Well, that all sounds nice right? But what does it mean? It means that the financial burden is the basis of your claim on your insurance policy in Utah. Most insurance companies just focus on how much drywall, how many shingles etc. Most adjusters in Utah don’t really understand this concept either. They will bicker and complain about how much they have to pay you, the insured. This is irrelevant.  The insured has paid the money for their policy to make them financially whole. If they leave an ugly patch on their ceiling or roof, did they make the insured financially whole? I would say absolutely not! Just ask a realtor when they go to sell their house.

As you can see understanding policy is essential to a fair claims settlement this is what we at Utah Public Adjusters specialize in. We would be happy to review your claim or policy.

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