Wind damage in Payson Utah

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Wind damage Utah

We have had a large amount of wind this year in Payson. We have been getting a lot of calls about inteiror water damage as well. I wanted to share some information about what wind damage looks like and the damaged that it can cause to your home. Wind damage can appear in many forms the most common is the missing tab or shingle. This is usally visable from the ground. You will have a darker color form the shingle below. If you can see this type of wind damage to your shingles then you will likely have addtional damaged. The seals on the shingles get damaged over time by wind or aging this make the rest of the shingle more suceptible to wind damage. The other kinds of wind damage are creases and cracks on the shingles this is when the shingle does not fold completely back.  Wind can also damage the nail strips which hold the shingles to the roof. This damage is hard to find and is not visible from the ground. The insurance adjuster from your carrier will not look for this damage because it is time consuming and they also are not allow to look for not visible damages. This reduces the amount that they are required to pay. We always recommend having your contractor or public adjuster at your inspection. This way the damages are properly documented and addressed in the enitial inspeciton. If you carrier still underpays your roof claim give us a call for a free claim review 801-609-4457


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